Synagogue Etiquette

Synagogue Etiquette

First time visiting our Appleton synagogue? We’re glad to have you! Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Head coverings

All men and boys are requested to keep their head covered during a worship service in the synagogue. Feel free to borrow one of the yarmulkes in the bin.

Tallit (prayer shawls)

While we have a few of these to loan for services as well, only those of the Jewish faith should wear tallis.

Torah Honors

As a small congregation, we sometimes call newcomers for honors. However, please know that only members of the Jewish faith should accept being called up during a Torah service. If we accidentally call you up and you’re not Jewish, please politely decline.


Photography in the synagogue is prohibited during the Sabbath or a Yom Tov holiday. On other occasions, however, they’re fine! Please just ask if it’s alright first.

Mobile Phones

Please silence your mobile phone when a service is in progress.