Spiritual Leadership

Rabbi Katz

Kenneth Katz is the grandson of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire who came to New York, Massachussetts, and Minnesota in 1905. He was raised in New Jersey, near New York City, attended public schools, a Reform synagogue, and received a BA degree in Latin and Greek from the University of Chicago. He was ordained at the Rabbinical School of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (Conservative) in New York City in 1986, has served synagogues in Hoboken, NJ, Montreal, and Madison, Wisconsin, and is a member of the Rabbinical Assembly. He has also taught Jewish history in colleges in New York and Montreal and at UW – Madison.

Lay Leaders

Rabbi Katz is in the community approximately 2 Shabbat weekends a month. On the alternate Shabbats when Rabbi Katz is not in town we have a group of very dedicated lay leaders who will lead services while he is away. These leaders are fellow members of our Appleton synagogue who take pride and enjoyment in making sure we have a service or Torah study as often as possible on Saturday mornings and Friday nights.

"Moses Montefiore Congregation is part of more than a century of Jewish life in the Fox Valley. Though small now, Moses Montefiore continues to be a gem of a synagogue, and its future is bright. I live in Madison and come to Appleton two weekends each month for services and to be with the community. My years in the pulpit and my own upbringing have taught me that there are many ways to practice Judaism, and no single correct one. Our lay leadership and I lead services in a variety of ways, and welcome Jews with every variety of practice, along with friends and family, Jewish and not Jewish. Welcoming, inclusiveness, learning, pride in being Jewish—these are values I hope to encourage."

—Rabbi Kenneth Katz